Time to Relax— Lizzy Ruegner

The past couple of days have been super chill. It’s been super nice to get a break from teaching, but I miss my kids! I got to be the team leader and all our kids are healthy! Well, except for some bad cavities no one was terrible! Everyone was super excited to get looked at by the doctor. We also had a shoe of every size so we could get shoes for all the kids. It was close to impossible to keep the kids in their classes, but we did our best! 

Yesterday was the cultural exchange. Instead of having one big event with all the schools together, we went to each individual school and performed each time. It was so cool to see everyone’s schools and their kids! Everyone was so excited to see their kids and it was absolutely adorable. We went to the red team’s school first. The kids and school building itself are TINY! They were so adorable!! After we sang and danced, we had a little dance party with the kids. I got to dance with this adorable little creature that came only to see us, she was so young she can’t even go to school yet! It was so much fun! It was amazing performing for all the kids! I absolutely love singing the ymad theme song, One Day. It just fills me up! When we got to my school (which was last), I was expecting us to come in, sing, dance, and leave. But our little angels had so much prepared for us! The oldest girls dressed up in beautiful outfits to dance for us! I felt like a proud mama watching my kids.

After we performed, we headed to the market to do a little light shopping. I got an absolutely phenomenal Chamba hat. I love it so, so much! The market was pretty cool. It was interesting to see what kind of things were being sold, but it was a little scary because there is so much going on! It’s also really stressful because I don’t know what to buy for people (like my sisters), I only know what I want to buy for myself haha. 

I can’t believe it’s already Sunday! But at the same time, it feels like I’ve been here forever! I wish I could stay even longer! I’m dreading Tuesday, and I hope it never comes! I am so attached to my kids, it’s going to be awful saying goodbye! I wish I could say (for my mother’s sake) that I’m missing home so much I can’t wait to go back, but sorry mom! That’s not the case. If I was given an option to stay longer, I would take it in a heartbeat! But sadly all good things must come to an end! Even something as great as this! I only hope that I’ve changed these kids’ lives as much as they’ve changed mine!