Oh What a Wonderful World - Camryn Clement

Oh What a Wonderful World


The Christmas spirit has reached India. 10/10. Starting Friday morning after Thanksgiving, Christmas music has filled the halls of Hotel Rudransh. There’s no better way to get all the YMAD kids (except a few) TURNT than to blast Wham!’s “Last Christmas” through the second floor of the hotel.

Friday was a normal day of teaching - the kids were wild, but manageable. My lesson was on colors, and lucky for me, even though they knew all the colors, we had brought some “bunchem’s” that the kids LOVED. They’re like little colorful balls that have hooks all over them so they can stick together. One little boy, Sujal, made a long snake that was the right shape and everything. He paraded his creation all around the school, showing his teachers, our translator, Zippy, and all the YMAD kids. From the time I pulled the bunchem’s out of my bag to when we had to clean them up, he was holding that little snake. We painted the kids a mural on Thursday after school, of a rainbow with our handprints as flowers underneath. Friday, we had all the kids paint their hands, boys blue and girls pink, and put their prints around the rainbow. (see Zip’s post for pics)

Saturday was quite the adventure. We started out at my school, Dulla, and drove to all the team’s schools to perform our song and dance, (best day of my life by American Authors, and our dance was to Baby by Justin Bieber). Our kiddos were so sweet, and hugged us when we arrived. They were a little nervous when they saw the twenty other white kids standing behind us, but they warmed up to everyone pretty quick. We performed for them and they sat pretty deadpan, but once we were done, we had them join us for a dance party. We had three more schools to get to so we hurried on to the next one, but saying goodbye to the kids was the hardest it’s been since we arrived. The other schools were fun, most of them had dances prepared for us, some much longer than others, but it was interesting to see the different personalities that we had all heard so much about. Once we had made it to all the schools, we stopped by the market to get some Chambinese goodies. (just you wait til Christmas ;)

Today is Sunday, and we’ve had a pretty lazy day. We drove for about 45 minutes to Kajjiar (Little Switzerland), and played around. There were horses to ride, bunnies to pet, and HUGE blow up balls that we could climb into and roll around in. All at a small price, but the ride in the balls were definitely worth the three dollars that we spent. We joined up with the YMAD girls to visit a temple near Kajjiar where we received sacrament and small string bracelets that serve as a reminder to me to keep looking outside of myself.

I’m in love with India, and everyday I wake up still in awe that I’m actually here. I don’t want to leave my cute kids, but I can’t wait to tell you all about them.

Love you all and see you soon!!