mazed day after day - Jake Sperry

mazed day after day


This weekend had been great! On Friday we went to our schools and teaching was awesome! We all thought that it was going to be the toughest day cause the kids kept getting rowdier but it was actually one of the best days! As the lessons went on I️ tried my best to stay as positive and happy as possible and then after lunch my lessons went really well and it was the most fun that I️ had teaching! When the day of teaching was over we all said bye to the kids and it was a little sad because we haven’t seen them for the past two days! But I️ can’t wait until tomorrow to see all the cute little faces that i’ve missed! 


On Saturday we had our cultural exchange and it so cool! Everyone went to each other’s schools to sing and dance and it was cool to finally see what the other schools were like! The very last school we went to, the girls dressed up in beautiful golden clothes and all of them performed for us! All of the kids were so cute when they performed and it was really cool to see all the cultural dance moves that the kids had prepared! After we saw all of them dance it was our turn to perform for them! It was the last of the day and we were all a little tired but we sang our loudest and danced our best for the kids! After the schools we made a little out stop to the YMAD house and went i️nto chamba town for some shopping! In the market cars are everywhere, there are a ton of cool shops and street food fills the air! We walked around looking for things for about an hour and half and i️ couldn’t  think of anything to buy! But then i️ asked Allison where the candy store was and i️ got a delicious kit-kat and some guava candies! These guava candies weren’t your typical fruity candies! At first i️ thought they were good but by the second suck i️ tasted this nasty tang and i️ knew that i️ndian guava candies weren’t for me!


Later that night it was our pleasure to have the YMAD girls over for dinner and to watch Charlottes Web! Dinner that night was soooo good and i️ are until i️ couldn’t eat anymore! After dinner we all went up on the balcony to watch the movie! We decided to watch Charlottes Web because this was the book that we all had been reading to them throughout the week! The girls loved the movie and couldn’t stop watching! We said by to the ymad girls for the night and then we all sat by the fire, had our little meeting and then went to bed!


Today was wonderful! We got to sleep in a little and we were all stoked about the extra hour of bed time that we had! When we woke up we had breakfast and then we started our drive to Khajjiar! The drive is about 45 minutes and it’s beautiful! I️ was looking out the window the entire time looking at the beautiful mountains! We were so high up and looking down at it all was very cool to see! Right before Khajjiar we stopped at this little temple where we got a bindi by this old man and our bracelets! We walked down more into the temple and saw this giant statue of the god Shiva!The ymad girls came with us and said to Camryn that the god is Shiva is the god of all gods! I️ had seen pictures of this beautiful statue but seeing it in real life was the only way to actually see the beauty and size of it! After the temple we had a two minutes drive to Little Switzerland! It is this huge open space of grass surrounded by tall trees! There were men trying to sell us chips and goodies and other men telling us to let their bunnies, but the coolest thing was the giant blow up balls that we got to get in and roll down a hill! Lizzy and i️ were in  one together and it was trippy at first because it wasn’t what we had anticipated it feeling like! It was super fun though and it was only three dollars! After that we all chilled in the warm sun while the ymad girls gave us all henna! They are extremely talented and we’re working so nice to do that for all of us! Then we all walked over to this restaurant and had lunch!


As you can see, this weekend has been pretty dope! Taking a break from teaching was a little a nice but i’ve been dieing to see those little kids of mine! I️ can’t wait to see all them tomorrow and to teach because these next two days will be our last days with them! Its going to be sad saying bye to them on Tuesday but i’m going to make sure that these next days spent with them are the best days yet!