Last blog! - Sophie Frederick

This is the last blog for the trip! I can’t believe I have less then a week till I have to leave this wonderful place. We have had a little break from the schools for the past two days and I miss the kids cute faces so bad! Yesterday we went to each individual school and performed our Justin Bieber dance and sang Best Day of my Life. It was so fun to watch the kids faces light up as they watched us dance and sing! When we went to other groups schools you could tell how much the kids adore the teens who teach them. The kids always show unconditional love towards us and I am going to be heart broken when I have to say goodbye. After we performed, we went into the market and looked around in all the shops. It’s so confusing when you ask the price of things and they say 300 because I’m thinking no way am I paying $300 for 3 bracelets but 300 rupees is only like $5. I feel weird paying 1000 rupees cause it feels like so much but it’s like $15. The walk back to our cars from the shops is very brutal, It is so steep!! I finally understand what Tommy was talking about when he told us about the hill on his mission.  It honestly takes 90% of my energy just  thinking about walking up that hill. This morning we drove to Khajjiar! The roads were CRAZY!! I sat by the window and it was so pretty but there were parts when we were driving 2 inches away from cliffs, I felt like I was on the Mouse Trap ride at lagoon. We got to walk through a beautiful temple with a huge statue right before we arrived. In Khajjiar we spent the day laying in the sun, doing henna, and riding around in zorb balls.  For lunch we had Chinese food and French fries, honestly it tasted so yummy and it reminded me of home. I have just recently started listening to Christmas music!! Honestly I wish I could listen to Michael Bubles Christmas album year round! I miss my family a ton and I can’t wait to see you! 

Ps: Still someone needs to tell me who won the state game!!