Happy Sunday! - Kira Davis

Happy Sunday from India! Today was a very chill day and a beautifully mellow way to end our first week. We got to sleep in a little bit today and had thirty minutes to just chill before breakfast which was lovely. We loaded into the cars and headed out to Khajjiar. It was a windy, narrow, and beautiful drive. We climbed to the top of the mountain passing terraced farms, and cliffside homes. 

Finally we reached a temple 45 minutes away. You could see the massive statue from a ways off. We took off our shoes and entered the temple, the carpet was bright red and a statue of a goddess surrounded by bright lights greeted you as you entered, an elderly man sat by her feet. We lined up and approached him one by one. When it was your turn you stood in front of him and he dipped a stick in red paint and placed a bindi on your forehead, next he wrapped red and yellow string around your wrist and said a quiet blessing. Then he gave you what looked like puffed rice, but tasted like black licorice. Finally you walked around the back of the shrine through a tiled hallway. The massive statue of a god at the edge of the grounds was made with amazing detail. The craziest thing is that all the materials have to be manually carried up the mountain. 

We got back into the cars and arrived at Khajjiar, this beautiful, huge, grassy field nestled in this gorgeous little valley. The YMAD girls came with us, they are so cute. Priya and I really bonded at the movie night last night, so she was my buddy all day today. She is an absolute doll. At Khajjiar there are all these fun activities you can do in the field. One is you climb into these massive inflatable balls and roll down a hill. Sam Graff and I did it together and we laughed until our sides were sore, I was crying I was laughing so hard. Then we all sat in the warm sun on the soft grass and the YMAD girls did our henna, they are so talented. They taught us how to do it so we can do it at home. Neha and Ankita wrote their names and mine in Hindi on my hands. Then we made our way up to a cute little hotel on a hill. Lunch was’t quite ready etc so I took a much needed nap on the warm grass. Cows, goats, bunnies, and horses roam freely all over Khajjiar it’s pretty idyllic. We ate lunch and took the drive home. Every time we drive it is like an Indiana Jones ride. You’re on the edge of these straight up cliffs and these crazy roads in these mad cool jeeps, mom you’d love it, dad you’d be freaked out lol. Anyway! life is great, I am so so happy, I love you all!

p.s. the photos are of Cam and I at the YMAD girl’s house, us in front of the statue at the temple, and the henna on my hands.