A Taste of Chamba - Abbey Kolff

A Taste of Chamba- Abbey Kolff

Today was the first day in a week where we did not get the opportunity to go to ours schools and see our kids.  But, we got to spend some more time with the YMAD girls by going on a small excursion with them.  We drove up to a popular attraction called Khajar, which is also often referred to as “Little Switzerland” because of its hills and trees.  It was a quite beautiful place, and we all kept each other entertained by giving each other henna tattoos.  It w a super chill day and it was nice to be able to wind down and see new parts of India.

         Yesterday on the other hand, was the complete opposite.  It was the day of our cultural exchange, so everyone traveled to each school to sing the songs and perform the dance we have been practicing for months.  Not gonna lie, I cannot say that I am too upset about never having to do that dance again.  When we got to our school, the orange team were surprised to find that a whole showcase of performances featuring each kid had been prepared for us.  The older girls were all dressed up in beautiful, vibrant Indian outfits, and all of the boys showed us their nice dance moves.  In that moment, I felt like a proud mom seeing all of my kids show off their talents. 

         After we visited each school, we went down to the market in the heart of Chamba to observe and shop.  I thought shopping in America was stressful, but shopping in India is on a whole new level.  But, it was an amazing experience to see what everyday living is like here, and I really enjoyed seeing all of the things the vendors made with their bare hands.  Chamba, especially the market, is really a unique place. 

         I cannot believe that this is already my last blog! It seems like just yesterday I was driving to the airport with my family, completely oblivious to what was to come.  Since I taught all of my lessons last week, I am basically done teaching my kids, which makes me sad.  As hard as it was to try to teach them and control them instead of just playing with them, I am going to miss teaching them English and watching them learn, knowing that I am influencing them and their futures. 

         Hey Family, the next time you hear from me it will be in person at the airport on Saturday! Miss you all and cannot wait to see your beautiful faces.  XOXO