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Blog #3

1st Week Complete


Today we drive to little Switzerland. Sketchy drive up, cliff to your side and the smallest road barely big enough for one car. The drive was very windy up so it kept the ride interesting cause you never knew when you were going to have to throw up ! Once we got there it was amazing to see. There was a temple that was very peaceful and quite and I got a red marking on my forehead. There was a huge field with many games. Me and Jono rolled down a hill in this huge ball and it was way fun. We were just strapped in a diaper kinda seat and were flipped upside down as we rolled haha. After we had some time just to chill and talk to the YMAD girls. Around 1:30 we walked to go have some lunch. It was Chinese food ( kinda) but still very good. Once I filled to the point where I felt like I was gonna hurl we packed up and started the windy round back. Lets just say I took plenty of pills to get through that last drive with a full stomach of Chinese food. It was so fun to be with the YMAD girls today at little Switzerland. They are super funny and interesting, although i pretty they think I’m weird haha. This week has flew by. I honestly can’t remember back to the day we left SLC. The constant action of India makes time pass very fast. I’m never sitting still for more than 1 hour and although very tiring it helps keep the day rolling!

I’m pretty sad though. Friday was my last day of really teaching the kids. Monday I am day leader so I do the book reading and songs, but I don’t teach I just help and Tuesday is just a review day so I don’t get to have a full lesson plan with the kids :(  I’m gonna really try to make the most of these next two days because I know that I will really miss these kids when I leave. From the first day when I met them i didn’t think they we anything special, but now I love them so much and can’t believe how cool, intelligent, funny, and genuine they really are! Love you mom dad Chloe noel and Annie!! Here we go for another week !