Kasheeeeeesh - Francesca Dunford

Today we went to little Switzerland and went to a temple(Sorry I️ forgot what it’s called). At little Switzerland we could get in these rubber balls and roll down the hill, ride horses around the whole place, and hold bunnies. Some of us went in the balls for literally three dollars. Most everyone sat around on the grass and got henna done by the ymad girls. They are all so good at it! It’s so fun to just watch them go for it because they already know what to do. I️ added on to mine that Sagel did. Once everyone saw it literally everyone is asking me to do it on them. I️ mean I’m not the best at it but I️ find it fun to do. I️ want to cover my body in henna. I️ might need to buy a couple more boxes. After Sagel finished on me I️ did one on her too it was kinda fun because everyone always wants them to do it to themselves but I️ think it was way more fun doing it on them. Also I️ think they enjoy it more. At the temple we went in and he painted a bindi on us and gave us a bracelet and their sacred rice. It was like puffy rice it actually wasn’t bad. Outside of the temple was this huge statue. It amazes me that the people here made it because they have such little resources. Just imagining them carrying all the supplies up the mountain is crazy. 


Yesterday we had our culture exchange. It was so fun to go to all the different schools and see everyone’s kids and everything they have said about them. We sang our two songs for them and did our dance. Every school was different. The first two schools we just had a a dance party with after we did our stuff. The last two schools sang and danced for us. They did traditional dances and it was cool to see the kids you love dance and sing. Obviously everyone thinks their kids are the best because you know them but honestly my teams kids are the best. I’m obsessed with them.


Also yesterday we went to the market in chamba. It’s a little crazy everywhere you go. What I️ mean by crazy is the drivers. Hahah it still freaks me out that we drive on the opposite side of the road. In the market it’s pretty much just shops on busy roads. What I️ got there was two blankets/scarves. Mom it’s like the one olivia got that you told me to get. I️ got these sweet Indian shoes, bindis, and bracelets all to match our nice outfits we get. Back to driving Mom you would die here. All the roads are so windy. You would need to take a Dramamine every time you get in the car. You get kinda used to it but my stomach gets a little sick sometimes. At least the view is pretty so you just have to look out the window. Today was super fun but I️ miss not being with the kids even though I’ll see them tomorrow. Leaving them in a couple days is going to be so hard.