Y.O.I.I.O. - Leah Robinson

These past few days have flown by! Our kids have gotten a lot more comfortable with us so they’ve become more mischievous but I love them! They seriously feel like part of my family now and I can’t imagine saying good-bye to them on Tuesday. We’ve gotten names down so I feel so much closer with them and I actually have a personal relationship with every single one of them. Everyday I read “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” as part of my lesson and the kids LOVE it! Whenever they see me now, they scream “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”and it makes me laugh every time haha. They make me so happy! 

Yesterday we started painting a mural at our school. We drew the state of Utah on one side and filled it in with our handprints. Then, we drew India on the other side and the kids will fill it in with their handprints on Monday. Raj said that we messed up the top of India but that the rest looked pretty good so I was proud of us! 

Today, we visited all the schools and showed them our dance and sang “One Day” and “Best Day of our Lives.” All the kids really loved it even though at times it was really awkward because they would just stare at us when we were performing for them. I loved seeing all the kids at the other schools because everyone talks so much about them at the hotel after their day at their school and I love being able to put a cute face to all the cute stories. All the kids look so much alike but are so different and have such a personal but different relationship with all teens and it makes me so happy.

We went to the market today as well. It was so fun to actually explore through the market and see all the people. It is so different from every market and road in America and I love it! Gracie Mae and I came up with a motto Y.O.I.I.O. which stands for “you’re only in India once” haha that probably gives you an idea of how much we spent at the market, but it was all worth it! I really am so happy to be here with such amazing people! I’m living everyday to the fullest because I know I’ll be wishing that I was back here in a few weeks. 

I love you, Mom and Dad! Thank you for everything, I’ll see you soon!

xoxo Leah