Slap Happy - Emma Ely

Hallelujah today is Saturday!! I'm so glad it's my day to blog. I'm pretty sure I'm the only teenager that actually likes writing these blogs. Anyways we made it through this crazy week. Thursday was pretty fun but I was sooooo exhausted. The kids get crazier and crazier every day. Friday was a really good day. The kids were a lot better than earlier and my lesson was pretty good. I let them color for so long but I taught them too. The only downside was that I got slapped in the face by a girl named Purvi. And it wasn't like a little tap, it was a full on slap. She's lowkey a little devil I was so shook when she hit me. The good news is that Ashely got it on live photo so I have proof. Ashely was so mad. Today we are doing the cultural exchange and it's so fun. I love seeing all the schools and the kids and comparing them to ours. I definitely think our kids are the craziest and poorest which is sad. But our kids preformed like 5 dances and it was so freaking cute. I love them so so much. Luckily we got to fund them to repaint the whole school, get a new water tank, screens for the windows, and shoes and sweaters. I wish we could do more but I think this is a great start. Some of the kids at our school are so smart. There's one boy named Sujal and he's a genius. I love him so much. He gets all the kids to sit down and has the cutest little face. I want to take him home with me. 

I am still so amazed at everything around me. Today we were driving and there was a man lying on the side of the road and I'm really hoping he was sleeping and not dead. But it's so strange to see the social norms here and what's acceptable and what's not. I want to smile and wave at everyone but I don't want to come off like some weird American. But the people here are so kind. We almost died driving yesterday because we had a different driver and it was exhilarating I love it. I wish Utah was a little more risky like India. I love all the colors and all the lights. It's definitely getting me in the Christmas spirit. That and Sophie waking everyone up in the morning by playing michael buble's Christmas album. I love it. I miss home but I'm never going to get this experience again so I'm taking it all in! One thing that I genuinely cannot get over is the amount of trash here. Literally there will just be cows eating piles and piles of trash in the middle of the road. And 10 different parts of the mountain will just suddenly be on fire because their burning the landslide of trash. I still can't tell if the air is always so mucky because of fog or pollution but either way, I've inhaled so much dirt and dust that I can't even notice it. My hands are permanently 5 shaders darker because they are always covered in dirt. 

We went to the market today and it was so cool. We looked in a bunch of different shops and walked around for a while. Normally I'm not a fan of shopping but it was so cool to see the "fruit" stands and shops. We're constantly being started at and pointed to. But I love seeing all the people. We even saw a teacher at our school walking around town. I'm going to be pretty sad to say goodbye to the teachers. They are so sweet. She has a good heart. 

I miss you and love you all <3