Another three days has come and gone and every moment has been filled with your wonderful kids giving absolutely every ounce of love they have to the children of Dulla school.


Friday was the last day in the school for this week, we had LOTS to get through. Our team made a list of the things we wanted to use our fundraising money for in our school. Our list consists of garbage cans, shoes, socks, backpacks, new mats to sit on, and painting a mural. Raj told us we could do it all so that made us very very excited.  We hand out all of these new supplies on Tuesday, the final day in the school, except for the mural which we painted Thursday after school.



 Before we can get the supplies we need the sizes of the shoes and sweaters the children wear. So Friday we took a size run of shoes to the school and Jono who was our team lead took charge on getting each students size.  He would pull one student at a time into the classroom to try on the shoes, this was a long and tedious process which takes a lot of patience.  Many of the students had giant holes in the tops of their shoes because they have been wearing shoes that are 3 sizes too small.


The other thing we needed to get done Friday was finishing our mural which meant getting a hand print of each of the school children. After getting their shoe size Jono and I would take them to the mural and glide a layer of paint on their brown hand and watch them squirm as the cold paint coated their palm. They placed their hand on the wall and then ran to wash off the paint laughing the whole way.


This whole process was extremely distracting during the other teens lessons, which meant they had to put in double the effort to keep the students engaged in the lessons. They did this flawlessly and KILLED IT like always!


Today, Saturday, was the cultural exchange. The entire YMAD team went to each of the four schools to perform our song and dance. This was so special because everyone was able to see what the other teens are experiencing everyday in their schools. Our school is definitely the smallest and has the youngest children. After we visited all the schools, we ventured to the market to do a little shopping.


Okay that was the rundown of our last three days, now more on your amazing kids. Thank you again for sharing your amazing kids with me I am the luckiest leader haha..


Jono has been the light in our group always pulling out his speaker for a dance party. He was AWESOME when is came to helping get all the school kids shoes and handprints. The kids love him so they were excited to go with Jono sir!


Emily is always saying it like it is which not only makes everyone laugh but makes us all know we can trust her and that she will have our back.  She was giving eye exams on Friday at the school and was so careful and patient with the kids it was inspiring to watch.


Gracie Mae is full of energy and her smile is infectious. She has a special bond with the oldest group in our school and always makes them feel included and happy. She is constantly bringing up the team energy with her own excitement!


Camryn has the little best friend in our school named Veshnika. She is TINY and has an identical twin. Venshika always runs straight for Camryn as soon as she sees her walking through the gates of the school. It is one of the very best things to watch.


Farah is the favorite of a young girl named Devonshika. Devonshika is a trouble maker for all of the other YMAD teens when they are teaching except for Farah. Farah is calm and level headed which is a much appreciated attribute in the craziness that is India.


Jake has an unwaivering positive attitude. He has a small give names anveysha that LOVES him. She will not let him set her down. Jake will help anyone and everyone that needs his help. This is something I cannot tell you how much I appreciate as the youngest adult leader.


Last thing I want to say is how proud I am of your kids. Watching them make these connections with the kids in our school has been my very favorite thing. They show me everyday that love has no language and love shines through even when you don’t speak the same language.


LOVE AND MISS MY FAMILY. Give squish a million kisses for me! See you soon!