Monkeys and Me - Braden Hudspeth

Monkeys and Me


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I mean, it was the BEST of times. Another day has once again passed me by, this place is awesome. We’ve had some beautiful spontaneous dance parties, curry, monkey robbers, one sketchy driver, curry, wonderful views, good lessons, struggles, curry, one mural, a bit of drama, Raj humor and a lot more curry.

We are getting everything our school asked for and more, thanks for your hard work Raj. We are getting our school whitewashed and I’m super excited to see what it looks like, that is if it gets finished while we’re still here in Chamba. Yesterday we painted our mural at the school, fun but we painted the shape of India which was a bit difficult. The mural looks so good though, shout-out to the orange team for being so awesome. Teaching has increasingly gotten harder due to a variable of things like losing my voice and the kids themselves. It’s still so good and I love it.

Today was a new day filled with lots of excitement. First, we came back upstairs from breakfast to monkeys stilling our food. They were all over the place. We then travelled to each of the schools to preform our dance for the kids, and at Natalie’s school we were treated with a dance by the kids, as well as a dance party after like the other schools. We visited Ashley’s school (my school) last, where we were greeted by a wonderful performance, HMU for videos when I return. I honestly didn’t know our kids could be so organized. One of the pictures attached to this is with the older girls in their outfits for the dance. We spent a few hours in the market today which was super cool to see and I got some cool things.

Overall, most everything is good, although I could go for a good pizza right now. Thanks for the chocolate Brooke, it was literally the best thing I’ve had in a while. And Allison is so good at keeping us organized and she is so efficient. I want to thank our regular driver for being careful and a rather slow driver for Indian standards. Yesterday we had a step-in driver that was a bit on the scary side of things. Raj humor is always good, you have to keep things light. Also if anyone is interested in helping Raj with illegally downloaded music, he would appreciate the help. Our bro meetings couldn’t be any better, when they happen that is. There are these plastic red chairs everywhere here, must be pretty quality I guess, perhaps everyone in Utah should also invest in the company, or buy stocks.

I hope thanksgiving was good, maybe not as good as curry though. I propose that we get a pet monkey at home, I bet we could teach it to clean up after me.

Love you all,