I’m Such a Foodie - Madisen Andersen

    So today we had the cultural exchange. That is where all of us Ymad kids dress up in our nice dresses and other nice clothes and we got to perform the dance and two songs that we have been working on for the whole time we have all been doing Ymad which is about 9 months I think. So we performed a dance to "Baby" by Justin Beiber and one of the songs is Best Day of My Life by American Authors, and the other one is called One Day, I’m not sure who sings it. So we learn and practice the songs and dance and then we get to go to all four schools that our expedition gets to go to this year and we perform for them. Then if the kids from the schools have prepared anything that they want to show they can. It was so fun to see all of the kids cute faces and see them light up when we came to school in our nicer clothes. 

    So I was going to say this in the last post i put on but I didn’t have enough time but I think it was like the 2nd day. right when we got to the airport in amritsar, India before we drove into Chamba we went to see the Golden Temple. it is for the sikh religion which I have never heard of but I think it's similar to other native religions in India. So we went to that and you have to take your shoes off out of just respect for the temple grounds. Which at first it seemed a little gross because there were so many people there also with their shoes off and then I thought ew Im touching other peoples feet juices, but then I realized that I actually touch other peoples feet juices all of the time at dance and stuff so then it wasn’t that gross. I have a pic that I can leave down below of the Golden Temple and stuff. so it sits on like a little mini pond thing. Thats probably the best way to describe it but there were like huge gold fish swimming in the water around the temple and also people bathing sort of in it but they were covered so no worries. So I asked our corespondent named Raj and he lives in India about why people bathe in the water, and he said that in that religion there is an old history that said that when they were building the temple a really long time ago, the water came up and it is very sacred, so they bathe in it to cleanse themselves and to purify their sins.  

    Something that I also forgot to put in the last post I put on here is the picture of the car that we drive in, so here it is. ;) Also here is my thanksgiving dinner from a few days ago. it was pretty good. Everyone was jealous that I brought my mini pumpkin pie. 

    So something that my mom was worried about when I'm in India that I will be hungry or not have enough food packed. Well I’m very happy to report that I love love love the food here and I am very well fed even though I do eat a lot. We have our food with rice which I know CJ would be jealous of to have that every meal, and also some kind of topping with curry in it. Like think of something that you would get from royal india or any Indian restaurant in Utah and that's pretty much what we get in India. So I love Indian food already so being able to eat it is like heaven. And surprisingly so far I haven’t gotten sick of eating curry and pretty much the same thing all of the time. We get naan to which is like pita bread but it's just plain so no butter or garlic or anything which is ok because then you can put peanut butter or nutella or anything that you want on it which tastes amazing. Also the fried rice here is amazing, it's like better than the stuff you get at panda express, which is unheard of in my book because panda is top notch and me and my dad’s fav. Also something that I want to try and find in Utah when I get back is something called Limca. It's like a soda so it tastes like sprite and squirt and lime something or other, It's like the best drink ever so yeah we need to buy some of that when I get there, I'll add a pic of it in here too so mom can get right on in lol! 

    So also today we went to the market in Chamba and we got to buy cool stuff with our spending money, I have to say Ive got some pretty cool stuff already so when I get back I'll have to show everyone. Alright, my time is up for tonight. Hope everyone is having a great time back home, miss you all so much. Until next time!!