Good Morning Wilson Sir - Wilson McConkie



We got to school Thursday and were greeted with many “good morning Wilson sir! Good morning Jack sir! Good morning Brooke Ma’am!” by our awesome kiddos. Thursday I got to teach them about taste! I had an activity where I had 4 cups with salt, sugar, lemonade mix, and vanilla extract. I’d give the kids just a quick taste of one of the items and then they’d have to tell me whether it was sour, sweet, bitter, or salty. It was so fun to watch their faces react to the different tastes. It was a great way for them to put a connection to the different words we were learning. They catch on to the words so quick!


After school we went to the YMAD house and read with the girls. We also got to paint and draw with them which was a blast. We always try to talk with them as much as possible so they can practice their English. They are at our hotel tonight and we’re having a big dinner and going to watch Charlottes web on a projector because we’ve been reading the book this week with them. I wish you could all meet them!! They really are so awesome.


It’s amazing to see how well the last nine months of meetings and preparation have all come together on this trip. I’m not sure how to describe it really but there will just be little parts of my day that remind me of something that we learned in one of our meetings months ago. It’s crazy! Allison and Brooke are rock stars. They have this whole trip down to a science and I couldn’t have hoped for better leaders. Our whole group is so amazing. Everyone is so close and appreciative and compassionate! Love em all.


On Friday I taught the kids about personal hygiene. I taught them basic phrases and vocab words and then we acted them out together. I taught them how to floss which I thought was funny because I haven’t flossed in at least a year haha. After school we painted a mural on one of the walls of the school! It’s not done yet though, we’re going to have the kids put a bunch of hand prints to fill in some areas on Monday. I’ll send a photo when we’re done.


Today we went to everyone’s schools! We did our dance for everyone’s kids and sang our YMAD theme song. And some of the school’s had dances for us! It was such a fun day! We also got to do a bit of touring in the city afterwards.



Indian drivers are crazy.



Ok loves,