Compassion - Sam Graff

There was a study done where they took a bunch of working adults and got them out of their work for a month and instead of doing their job they went and did community service that interacted with the people that they were serving. They did this so that they could see the immediate positive that they were creating. Then they checked a few things (family life and how the participants treated their family, amount of happiness, amount and quality of sleep, and other stuff like that) and compared it to the data they took before. As expected, the participant reacted positivity in all of the fields positively, but one thing happened that kinda took them by surprise, something that they didn’t expect. They found that if you serve others and see the people, and their reaction, who were immediately impacted by your good deeds you were able to see others as they are, why they do the things they do. They learned compassion. With the children at our school becoming much more comfortable with us they have got a lot more energy. My lesson yesterday involved a craft that had a lot of interesting objects so my lesson was often not as popular as the curious and colorful new objects, so, I️ was often pulling little hands off of my teaching materials and sometimes for the last half hour of the class. But with my newly developed compassion I️ have also learned patience, which I️ have found out is linked in many ways so compassion. Over the last couple of days we painted our mural at the school and it turned out just perfect. Two days ago we painted grass and a tree without leaves and yesterday we had a ladder and we would paint the kids hands, help them up the latter, and put their hands on the wall as leaves for the tree and after did our hands as well. We are really leaving our “mark” here haha. Today we went to all of the schools and sang our song and danced our dance and it was fun to see the other school and also to share our schools with the rest of the group. After we went to all of the schools we went to the market and I️ must be allergic to something in the city because I️ could not stop sneezing. I️ tried to find some candy because it’s so good here (just like everything else) and I️ want to bring some home. Like the Oreos are Cadbury brand here and they are different and way better, I️ didn’t think that they could be made better but look at Cadbury go. Then I️ got a couple of handmade sheep wool blankets that are cool. On the car ride to the school the day after thanksgiving one girl on my team play Christmas music on her phone and they screamed it the whole ride. Henry just put in his earphones and I️ laughed and then did the same thing. Not to be a downer or anything it’s just weird to be playing it when there is no snow and it’s actually kinda hot. Well our driver thought it was funny and he turned out to be Christian so he let them Bluetooth it to his car on the way home and everywhere we go now they blast Christmas music. Well that’s all I️ got for ya, love and miss you all!