Benjamin David Ebert - Jono Ebert



While sitting around the fire I figured out my first sons name which is nice, he’ll be named Benjamin David Ebert so I gotta remember that. My clothes right now are pretty dirty, but India is awesome haha. This morning we walked outside our room and the table where we make our lunches had a very large monkey sitting on it with a banana in one hand and our loaf of bread in the other. Raj made the executive decision of moving the lunch stuff downstairs off of the roof area and putting it by the girls rooms. All of the supply bags on the roof were moved to our room which added some nice decoration, I guess. Haha its all good though. Honestly, it reminded me of my book I read to the kids at my school, Caps for Sale. The peddlers hats get stolen by a bunch of monkeys which. I now know every word to the book which is something that I am very proud of. The past two nights I have popped some melatonin which has helped me stay asleep for the majority of the night, rather than waking up at 4 a.m. each morning haha but that’s India!

         Today we had the cultural exchange at each of the teams schools. Sadly, little Sekshem, was absent and couldn’t see our expertly choreographed dance to Baby, by Justin Bieber. We went to the market afterwards which caused some more déjà vu from last year but unfortunately the shoe maker only had one pair of sandals for sale and I wasn’t lucky enough to grab them. Glad I still got my old ones at home though. Tonight we get to watch Charlotte’s Web with the YMAD girls and we’ll be finishing the book, hopefully, on Tuesday before we leave.

         Tomorrow is Kajjar, or Little Switzerland. I can’t wait to see the sketchy bunnies hoppin around and having vendors come up to me asking if I’ll buy beer for a “discounted price” from them. Last year Hank Thompson and I would walk around and take advantage of the language barrier with the vendors haha. This trip is already gone by so fast and I can’t believe we have only a week left! Love it here!


Love, Jono