“What you love most” - Dani Krebs

    I am in love! With the kids, with the people of India, with YMAD, and with India in all. I was told to make this entry longer than my last, which I found funny because I’m sure my parents and my english teachers would surely say the same thing. But, I’m confident that making it long will not be difficult because it’s easy to talk about what you love. ACTUALLY. I take that back. It’s not easy to talk about what you love. No words -no amount of quality of words- can clearly and perfectly describe. 

    It’s so amazing here. It’s so beautiful. The people are beautiful; so kind and thoughtful. The trees and the water is beautiful. I love the kids I teach. I’ve had to be stricter than others I feel, because my lessons have a lot of moving around. I have to make sure the kids aren’t going wild all over the place. But, I don’t mind being strict, because I know they’ll quickly love. That’s what I love about kids. They don’t hold grudges and they’re quick to love.

    These kids are a blast to be around! They’re so funny and cute. They are very smart! They’ve learned a lot. So far, I’ve taught music, family, days and months, clothing and sports. Next I will teach chores. I feel that I’ve gotten good at making the kids understand and learn. I’ve gotten really good at adapting and adjusting my lesson plan for the ages. By making it harder, easier, and knowing when to get my kids up and moving, I’ve learned a lot. Whenever I make them get up to move, I try to do it so they’ll want to sit down instead. To “get their wiggles out”. I’m trying not to have a favorite, but all these girls at my school are the best. They’re sassy, SO beautiful, and funny. These two girls will always give me candy and it’s so good! The boys are boys. Haha! I love them, they’re crazy. 

    We have student teachers at our school, and they’re really, really kind. The other day, one kid in my village team had a birthday. So, the student teachers secretly made a poster, went to buy a cake and surprised him with it! The cake was good and everyone was in such a happy mood! Something that my team personally organized was to buy pizza for everyone so, I got to try pizza here in India and I’m really happy about that. Check Chamba, India off of my list of places to try pizza!

    At the YMAD school of girls, the girls are so fun! So pretty, and SO SMART. I am amazed. YMAD has really done so much and made such an impact for the kids here.

    Getting tan and lovely! I love the sun here, and I love my skin. Trying to make the best of each day; of my short time here, in India.