“Tomorrow will be Wenesday” (all the Indian kids)- Henry Siddoway

“Tomorrow will be Wenesday” (all the Indian kids)


Yes, I’m used to living in India. India has been so amazing! Everyday has been better than the last.

We have been painting a mural for the past few days and it’s coming along really well! We made a tree trunk and then we dipped the kids hands in the paint and created tree leaves. Then we used the teachers hands for the flowers and it all came together super well. The kids have been getting crazier and crazier and love to call my name and come play with me. The kids will laugh at about anything you do. I gave the kids lotion for one of my activities I did and they were absolutely loving it. Rubbing their hands together and just going nuts haha. On our way to school today sophie and Francesca were blasting Christmas music and singing at the top of their lungs it was pretty funny. Then on the way back out driver told us how much he loved the singing and that he loved Christmas. He told us he had Bluetooth!! Haha so Sophie connected on our way back and we all sang! Best days ever. Another reason it was amazing was that Raj got the hot water on so I had my first hot shower and sheesh! It was niiice!

Everyone says how sick of the food they get but for me the food is amazing it’s like eating at a Indian restaurant every night. I didn’t pack any actual food so I’m relying on other people to eat other food besides the Indian food. I’m very excited to get to dharmsala and getting to the markets. Tomorrow is our big cultural celebration and all of the kids at our schools practiced their dance and it was super cute and funny. Some of the kids love to dance and are really good at it. Very excited to see all the schools and dances! It will be fun to see all of their dances and then do our dances for them. The kids told me they are excited to watch us do our dance. Our school is very small and only has 34 kids and I can finally name everyone of them. They all leave really close by and as we finished our mural we saw them standing on the hill and waving at us all. I got a bad sliver and it was gross but jake our amazing medic was able to clean it out and remove the wood and it was all good. Natalie my group leader has been so sweet and kind to all of the Indian kids and especially me and our team! She has made us feel so comfortable and been our mother away from home packing us food and making sure everything runs smoothly and making the trip great! Everything’s been so nice and everyone’s been so happy because this trip has been truly nuts and AMAZING!! We have some shoes to the kids and it was so dang cute to see them get new things especially because they have had absolutely nothing. We saw some sheep in the middle of the road just being herded and our driving was literally weaving in between them and I swear we were going to run one over! It’s crazy how many close calls we have. This country is so crazy and hectic but I’ve learned to love the dirty place so much. India feels almost like home and The people here are so loving the kids all give each other lots of hugs and kisses haha anyway See ya!


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