The Smell of a Deers Bellybutton - Lizzy Hale

The smell of a Deers Bellybutton


I’m not the most eloquent writer and I don’t know how to organize my thoughts so I am just going to write this blog like my journal.



Teaching is hard but totally worth it. Little kids have endless energy, and I do not. But, that is a part of what makes them so freaking amazing and easy to love. It is awesome to me that even with a very real language barrier the kids don’t care, they hold your hand, kiss your cheek, and love you regardless.


A wise man named Dr. Singh who is a very big part of YMAD and helps our kids from our schools with their medical problems, came to visit us. He visits the YMAD kids every year and has never missed. He told us where the word musk came from. It is the scent of a dears belly button. The dear goes searching for where the musk scent comes from, but he can not find it. That is because the scent of musk is within him. No, this is not just a weird story about the smell of a belly button, if you haven’t all ready guessed it is about happiness. Many people including me go searching for happiness somewhere when really it is within us. It comes from making he best of what you have, being grateful for everything, and doing good. This does not mean that happiness is always possible there are mental illness, and also humans are not perfect and it is impossible to be happy 24/7. But, that does not mean we can not find happiness most of the time.


I used to hate the smell of fire but I don’t even notice it anymore. There are fires everywhere. I think  when I go home though I will love the smell of fire, because it will remind me of nights spent by the bonfire and the beautiful people of Chamba.


This Thanksgiving I am very grateful for a lot of things way to many to write in this blog, but here are just a few of them. I am thankful for hot showers, I have definitely taken hot showers for granted. I’m thankful for a big comfy bed, a family that is as close as we are, friends that constantly support me, variety and easy access to healthy food, clean water out of the tap, and most of all a trash disposable system. Okay just kidding that’s not what I am most grateful but seriously I never thought I’d be so thankful for trash cans and garbage trucks.



Today was probably the best day yet. I woke up to Christmas music playing from Camryn’s phone which was the best way to wake up. Then we screamed Christmas music all the way to the school ( I felt bad for our driver but then he said he celebrated Christmas too and he liked our song so it was all good.) My lesson went so well and I think the kids really learned and listened to what I was teaching. I also quizzes them on past things and they totally knew what they where and it made me feel sooo good. After class we painted a cute moral of a tree with all the little kids hands as the leaves. I was tired but a good tired and, it was so much fun. Today was a good day.

Shout out to my driver, my YMAD family, Raj, and Natalie for being my mom away from home.