Smoke and Haze - Dallin Jenkins


Smoke and Haze


         Hey guys! India’s as good as ever! I’m slowly getting used to our life-threatening drive to school every day, and I’m getting better at improvising when my lessons get tough and the kids get rowdy. We finished teaching for the week, so I’m kinda excited to have a break for a little while haha! Not that teaching isn’t awesome, it just gets tiring after a week. After school today we got to paint a mural on the school wall and it is SO CUTE. You’ll see pictures some time, I forgot to take any, oops.

         Great news! We’re able to give the school/kids everything they said they needed, even though it was a lot. We’re whitewashing the whole school, adding a new water tank, screening up the kitchen window, and giving the kids shoes and sweaters, so it’s going to be awesome. I’m so excited for themJ

         We had Art Time with the YMAD girls and that was really fun. We did some silk screening and paining and pastels. I painted the Golden Temple, and it was pretty dope, not gonna lie.

         Shoutout to all the leaders for being homies and being supportive and adaptable to this crazy trip. Raj is super funny and a great insider to give us all the info we need. Ashley is AWESOME (happy birthday to her yesterday also) and she’s like our mom on the trip, super nice and caring, which is nice when we miss our moms so much (love you mom.) Allison and Brooke are super great too. They have everything figured out so much that we don’t have to stress at all. It’s just great.

         Family: I’m still alive, don’t worry (even though I haven’t been keeping tabs on where I am every hour lol.) Tell everyone hi and invite my friends over because they’re probably starving without stealing our food.


ATL, Dallin