Good News.......Bad News - Natalie Moyle


Hi all! It feels like it has been ages since I posted last about the Green team. Each day keeps getting better and better! We are learning and improving in our problem solving skills, our creativity, and our stamina. Parents, I have already said this and I will say it again . . . your teens are amazing individuals; each one of them brings to our team their own unique and valuable strengths. It is humbling to witness as they face challenges, adapt, achieve and come out on the other side more insightful and more motivated to keep pushing forward with 100% of their energy. Sam adds a strong, calming presence to our little family he is thoughtful, responsible and kind. Henry full of heart, happiness and warmth, as the youngest member of our team (we call him Jr. and squirt), he carries his weight and lifts others with his fun personality, bringing a funny antidote to every situation, every day, all the time! Lizzy H. has such a gentle and cheerful nature that is magnetic to the children in the schools. She is dedicated and works really hard to give her best to the children, today was an especially good day for her, she said that the children were well behaved and really enjoyed her lesson. Francesca or “Cheska” as the kiddos call her really WOWED the crowd (including about 14 student teachers) with her soccer skills as she did tricks and took on the whole school! Where does she store her energy? Madisen is growing in confidence and has an inner beauty that just shines as she connects with these kids. Her creativity and eagerness keeps us all going, she painted the sunshine on our mural today which adds the perfect touch! Sophie was team leader today and did a great job as a leader, she was organized and detailed. As the “big sister” in the group she lead us all in singing Christmas songs at-the-top-of-her-lungs as we drive to and from Ludrera. All in all I am the lucky one, so I guess the good news is that your teen are seriously growing up . . . and I guess that is the bad new too (?).