Love has no Language - Gracie Mae Smith

Gracie Mae

So it turns out that the hours and the days are a blur in India also. When I think about sleeping in my bed, doing homework, and you guys it feels like I’ve been here forever. But when I think about the kids I’ve taught and the dinners I’ve eaten here, it all feels like all one 1 day. The Days go by so fast here because every minute is pure bliss. Back home I have so many worries but here it is all joy.


Teaching is a lot different from what I expected. Obviously speaking different languages is a huge barrier but I hadn’t thought about about it much before I came. It is important to me that the kids are getting something from my lessons like any child, their attention span is short and they get distracted easily. When I get frustrated, I just put myself in their shoes. If a different, strange person was trying to teach me Hindi I would be less than interested. Even thought there are times that I feel like I’m dealing with 25 George’s in the form of 6 kids, their adorableness  still shines through. Some kids more than others. Because it is close to impossible memorizing all of their names. I’ve remembered my favorite kids…


Ananya. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful little girl. Ananya is in the oldest group of kids and is an actual angel on Earth. I can’t bare the fact that after next tuesday I may never see her again. There are so many precious children. Even though they may pinch and punch and pull your hair and hang all over your body, I know they mean good at heart. The other day the teacher told our translator that all of the kids are related to each other in some way or another so it makes sense why they would hit each other so hard. I feel a lot more comfortable hitting my siblings (sorry Jed and George) than hitting my school peers.


This trip is a real eye opener for me, going in I knew it would be but there are a lot of things I wasn’t expecting. I hate to say this but they truly have changed me so much (so cheesy I know). These kids are so happy, they have holes in their shoes, they wear the same sweater everyday, they play straight in the dirt, but they are perfectly content. The other day EmRom thought she would get of it is learning that love has no language. I could not put it in better words. I love these kids with my whole heart!


P.S. Mom and dad and everybody else, I miss you so much! Thanksgiving was a little rough because I was thinking about all of our family traditions. I was thinking about you while you were in the movie and ill admit, I was a little jealous. Being so many miles apart is difficult but this is what i remind myself of; in the future we are going to make so many memories around the world and in different countries! I can only hope that we can do something like this together. I love you guys<