BEST TIMES @ Rudransh - Emma Romney

Today is Friday!! We made it to the end of the week and now we get a two day break. India is still as amazing! Everyday is filled with more smiles and more love. The kids are so so so adorable and so so so crazy. Everyone says their kids at their schools are the cutest but that is not true. We have the BEST kids! 

Everyday we wake up and eat some breakfast. I have oatmeal, hot chocolate and naan almost every morning. Then we get ready to go to school. The drive to our school is so scary, I mentioned the roads and cliffs in the first blog but I still haven't gotten used to almost dying everyday yet, and I probably won't! When we get to the schools the kids are usually almost done with the morning prayer and singing the national anthem. That is probably one of the best parts of the morning. Then we spend the days at the schools and every other day go to the YMAD house. On Thursday we went to school and I was group leader so I didn’t teach. I helped everyone with their lessons and tried to keep the kids in line haha. After school we went to the YMAD house. I LOVE THE YMAD GIRLS. They are so smart and love everyone instantly. The curriculum for the day was art. We painted, used charcoal and taught them how to screen print. They loved it and so did I. It made me miss my painting class at highland haha. Yesterday was also jack and ashleys (the BEST leader) birthday, so we had a little party at the YMAD house. We got cake and Raj got ashley and jack singing candles. We then came back to the hotel and ate dinner and sat by the fire. Today we did the same thing but instead of going to the YMAD house we stayed after school to paint our mural. We had two spots that we could paint, so we painted Utah and India with a heart on salt lake and a heart on chamba. We also put our hand prints and wrote “YMAD <3’s U”. 

Each team talks to their teachers and asks them what they want most for their school. Our teachers said that they wanted water tanks to keep the monkeys out and to paint our whole school. We didn’t think that we would be able to paint the whole school but Raj got it approved. I am so happy that we get to brighten up the school for the kids. The classes are so dark and cold but now they will be warmer and brighter. We also got new shoes and new sweaters for each kid to take home. They honestly all deserve the world and I hope that these little things will make school more fun and happier. I love you all at home and I hope thanksgiving was fun!!!