Always Laughing - Brooke Moseley

Hello again!! These past days have been so fun!!  We’re finally used to everything now…except I will never be used to the ice cold showers that I take haha.  Teaching has been so so fun and the kids get cuter every day.  I love them so much!  And the principal/teachers in our school are so lovable as well.  Yesterday we had a fun little treat of pizza and cake at our school because it was Jack’s birthday which was awesome!  Also quick late Happy Thanksgiving to the fan bam!  It was definitely weird being without you, but I hope you had a good one!  Thank you so much mom for the treats!!! They were much appreciated!  Everything has been so fun here, and our village team has the best time.  We are seriously always laughing! I can’t believe that teaching is almost over.  It’s gonna be weird to leave! Love and miss you all, but see you sorta soon!