WED-NES-DAY - Francesca Dunford



The kids are so cute! Going to the school is the best part of the day. We had medical exams today and we have very healthy kids at our schooI️!! We only have four kids with bad teeth and that is really good!! I️ want to take so many of the kids home. Mom if you want to adopt some kids I️ know exactly where we should go!! It’s going to be a hard decision between 34 kids. I️ mean we could  take them all home. They all love playing hand games like down by the banks, duck duck DUCK!! (It’s not duck duck goose because they have a hard time saying goose. It’s actually so funny because whenever they want to pick someone to chase them they just scream duck) and ride ride ride that pony is also a game they love to play.


After we taught we stayed at the school for an hour and started our mural. We are painting a tree and for the leaves we are doing our hand prints and all the kids too. Today we painted grass, the stems of the flowers, and the tree trunk. Tomorrow we will paint a big sun, a rainbow, and the teachers handprints will be the petals on the flowers. I️ can’t wait to finish it. They let us paint on a wall that is a main wall which is way cool cause they will see it all the time. And the wall is huge!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This thanksgiving doesn’t really seem like the usual Thanksgiving but it’s been fun because of everything I’ve already talked about. I️ know this is cliché but I’m thankful for my family and all my friends at home. Definitely grateful for my bed!! I’m so thankful for ymad and this incredible experience! I’m so thankful for honestly living where I️ do and everything I️ have at home. You don’t realize how much you have until it’s gone. Love you all!!


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