Today Is A Gift - Lizzy Ruegner

We’ve had four days in the schools now! I still love these kids and am excited every day to teach. They have become very comfortable with us, however. We have to be very creative to keep them engaged, but everyone’s doing a great job! Each day is a surprise to see how the kids will behave and how they’ll react to our lessons. Tomorrow I get to help with the medical exams, which is exciting because I’ll get a bit of a break from teaching while still getting to interact with the kids, but I’m also nervous to see what kind of shape these kids are in. I’ve never been exposed to nasty medical things, so I don’t know how it’ll effect me. I might just let our medic handle everything and not be very helpful, haha. I know I’m going to want to gather some of these kids in my arms and bring them home with me! I have already noticed terrible cavities and kids that probably have hearing problems. I hope we can get everything straightened out and help with everything we can! We’re working on deciding what our sort of project is going to be in our school. The teachers want the entire school repainted to spruce it up a bit, which we’re going to do. We also might help fix the kitchen a bit, so monkeys can’t get in it anymore! Which is, of course, wonderful. 

I have a favorite— I know I’m not supposed to, but I can’t help it! She’s so dang cute! Her name is Radika. I can’t understand a word she says, but I love her with all my heart! Whenever we arrive at the school, she gives me her cute little smile and a discrete wave, and when they finish their prayers she runs to me with her arms out calling “Didi!” Oh! I love her so much! The kids love playing ‘down by the banks’ and ‘Red light Green light’, which is good to get out wiggles. We tried to teach them ride that pony and little sally walker today, but it didn’t go very well! It was so funny! They would just run around in a circle and never do the front front front my baby or anything! They eventually caught on to Sally Walker and it was absolutely the cutest thing to see them do little dance moves! They’re all so adorable and playing with them everyday is so much fun! They love to just hold our hands and be near us whenever they can! It can be a little exhausting, but I know one day I’m going to be willing to give up anything for just one more day with these kids! 

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking about what’s coming and what’s gone. I try really hard to stay present and make the most of every moment. I’ve come down with a bit of a nasty cold, and my cold medicine doesn’t do much. But Ashley was nice enough to lend me some of hers. Last night after dinner I decided to take some NyQuil so I could be able to get some sleep. Consequently I fell asleep at the nightly bonfire. Jake was nice enough to pour water on my shoes so they wouldn’t melt while they were propped up by the fire. Haha! Things are so great! Every day we become closer and closer as a team! “Every day is a gift, that’s why its called the present!” Just like that wrinkly old turtle from kung fu panda said! I think he got it pretty sport on! I’m having a great time! THere’s no need to worry Mom! I love you all! Remember to live life abundantly!

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