Thanksgiving in a Faraway Land - Abbey Kolff

    Today I experienced a Thanksgiving unlike any other.  It was our fourth day teaching at the schools, and today I got to teach all of the kids about colors.  It amazed me how fast they caught on and were able to point out all of the colors around them in English.

    My lesson today involved these fun little toys called Bunchems, which are small frilly balls that come in all of the different colors and stick together, allowing the kids to create whatever their hearts desire.  It was going perfectly, until a little boy decided to put a huge chunk of the balls into a girl’s hair.  It was a team effort, and took 15 minutes and a pair of scissors to get all of them out of her beautiful black braids.  

    After this crazy day at the school, we were able to go spend more time with the young girls that live at the YMAD house.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet and get to know the girls, and every time my team and I get to go we all leave with the biggest smiles on our faces.  You would think that after hours and hours of teaching a bunch of rambunctious children I would want to go straight back to the hotel and nap, but I live for the days when my team gets to go from one group of adorable little humans to the next.  Each time we go, I become more and more amazed by how talented and special they all are.  This Thanksgiving may have been extremely different from what I am used to, but somehow being in a foreign place away from everything i have come to know makes me count my blessings even more.  I am thankful for my loving family that are supporting me from thousands and thousands of miles away.  I am thankful for the luxurious life I am able to live back home.  And I am currently most thankful for the amazing YMAD team that I am sharing this exciting and life changing experience with.