Leaving the Comfort Zone WAY Behind

First things first, hi mom I love you and I'm safe and having the time of my life. Hope you're saving me an ice cold diet coke for me because that will be long overdue by the time I get home.
A list of things that I didn't know I was thankful for:

  1. Cold, clean drinking water


  3. Warm showers

  4. My bed

  5. Washing machines and driers

  6. In n out burger

  7. Traffic laws

One lesson I've learned is that leaving your comfort zone is HARD but the reward is so great. Leaving home was so hard for me at first, but the second that I stopped thinking that this trip was about me and my enjoyment and entertainment, I was able to understand the point of all of this. This is not about me.

I don't know where to start trying to explain the immense love I feel for the people of India. My heart is so full of love and joy and happiness and never in my life have i experienced what I am feeling here. The feeling you get when when these sweet children's faces light up when you walk in the room, or when the women in the village feed and bless you when they have nothing and can barely feed their families, is truly indescribable. The women say that they are proud of me. They love me so deeply without even knowing me. I hope that I can one day learn how to love so purely and so deeply.

On a less serious note, there is absolutely nothing like the driving here. There are no traffic laws and the drivers do whatever the heck they want. We ride in cars called TaTas and we have had some "fun" experiences to say the least.
Happy thanksgiving! I am so thankful for the privileges and opportunities I am blessed with at home. I truly take for granted everything that I am given every single day. I love you mom and dad and all the kids! Happy birthdays livi and Halle:) Tell everyone I love them