India Is an Experience for the Books - Jake Sperry

India is an experience for the books – Jake Sperry


Since my last blog things have just been getting better and better here in India!! The days are going by so fast and I cant believe that this trip is almost half way over. Everyday that we teach in the school is a day never forgotten and I try to cherish every moment. These past couple of days, teaching has been a roller coaster of awesome. The kids keep getting more comfortable with us its awesome, but that means that teaching is getting tougher. Me and my team have been trying new things to calm the kids and they’ve been working so that’s awesome. This past day our kids were so full of energy, they treated me and Jono like their personal jungle gyms and by the end of the day we were exhausted. Having said that, every second with the kids is a blessing and I cant complain because they’re the sweetest kids.


         There is this boy named Sekshum, he’s in the youngest group at the school and he has the cutest little face. When I teach him he is always so focused on my lessons and he smiles so big when I make a funny face or read like a goofball. There is this other girl named Anvesha and she’s the greatest. She’s very quiet but her beautiful smile does all the talking.  All of the kids are amazing and thinking about leaving them next week is rough, but that means that these next couple of days ar going to be amazing and I’m going to take advantage of every last second I have with them.


Today was another amazing day!! The kids were better focused and we all had fun. After the school day was over, my team, the read team, stayed after and painted a mural for the kids. It was a small section of the wall with a rainbow and hand print flowers. It took us a little over and hour and it turned out pretty well. I cant wait for the kids to see it tomorrow morning! After that we went straight to the YMAD house and saw all the girls. When I walked in I saw the other teams drawing with the girls, talking to them and having a great time and it was really cool to interact with all of them. The girls are so respectful and it warms my heart to see how pure and kind they are. So today is thanksgiving and seeing these kids with absolutely nothing at there school laughing and being so happy is very humbling. At home we are blessed with so much and it has changed my perspective on the idea of happiness. Tonight Allison gave us a quote and it said, “The happiest of people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.” I love this quote because it perfectly describes the kids here.


         Right now I’m sitting on the upstairs balcony by the fire writing this blog thinking about how amazing this experience is. I have seen so much and I love all of it. The people that I’m surrounded with are fantastic and I couldn’t picture this expedition with anybody else. I love all of them and I can wait for what the future holds in India!!!