Hope This Isn’t Too Cheesy - Kira Davis

Day four in the school, and day five in country. It’s past the point initial shock and I’m feeling more comfortable interacting with everyone. The kids are getting more comfortable as well, meaning they are getting more comfortable being naughty haha. But I really do feel like my team has found our groove. We work so well together, it’s so fun. I teach the subject mother earth, I really enjoy it. I taught insects a few days ago, I gave each kid a magnifying glass and we explored the school yard looking for ants. The students ran with wonder yelling to each other with each new discovery. I don’t mean to be cheesy, or cliche, but I really do love the kids already. They are so funny and genuinely sweet. 

Last night while taking a very refreshing cold shower I could hear the cook singing downstairs, he's the sweetest man, we all love him. And the food is really so so good, dad you should be jealous. There hasn’t been anything I haven’t enjoyed, from curries, soups, nutella naan, and if you ask really nicely Allison might just let you have a bite of her street food, generously provided by Raj. 

This country is so colorful, everywhere you look you see women draped in vibrant cloth, bright food in rolling carts, painted trucks with lights strung across the dash, and detailed signs calling your attention. People are kind, and smile at you, and respond to your hellos. I was hesitant to greet people at first but now I say hi to every person we pass, wave at school children, and chat with elderly women who approach our group. We’re quite the spectacle up here, in this mountain town. 

It’s also Thanksgiving today, mum and dad I hope you are having fun in San Diego and eating good food, tell everyone I love them. I’m feeling especially grateful this Thanksgiving for my freaking awesome family, my home, and all that I’m so blessed to have. Anyway! Happy Thanksgiving from India.