Happy Thanksgiving - Sophie Fredrick

Happy thanksgiving!


Hello from India!! This trip has been so amazing I don't want to come home (sorry mom). I feel like it's going by way too fast! Yesterday was such a great day at the school. I have gotten to know the kids so well I don't even want to think about leaving because it will make me so sad. There is this one little girl who is 8 years old named Kashish and I really want to take her home with me. She will come sit in my lap and hug me and kiss my cheek! We taught the kids how to play "ride that pony" and now that is all they want to do in between classes! Down by the banks gets pretty competitive when it gets down to the last 2! Yesterday we went to the YMAD house and got to spend time with the girls! They are the absolute cutest girls and they are so smart. Today at the school we started painting our mural for the kids. It is going to be a tree with the kids hands as the leaves, so today after school we stayed after and painted the tree trunk and some grass. I have not seen anymore spiders in my room since the last encounter and I am very grateful. I am so thankful for my family, wifi, and my bed. I am sad I don't get to play our annual thanksgiving football game on the beach! I miss my family a ton and I can't wait to see everyone so soon! Micah I hope you are catching some big waves!! You are THE number one surfer. By the way don't forget to get me that silver shark tooth! I will pay you back I promise!