Finding My Way From My Shell

Blake Davis

Not knowing what to expect, I walked through the airport and outside the doors into a wall of heat, welcome to India. India is hot and very humid and full of many different bugs, smells, foods and car and motorcycle horns. My experience so far has been so great! the people here are beyond happy and welcoming, it's as if I'm in paradise. On Monday my team (team purple) went to our village Umapatur and it's a beautiful village with lots of people. Going into the school house was a little nerve racking because this was it, I was finally in India ready to teach these kids lessons I've been learning for months, and first impressions were everything. Walking in smiling I tried my best to make a good first impression, all the kids were excited to see us and they kept waving and giving us high fives and I instantly was already enjoying the presence of these kids and they made me so happy. After introductions and the attention getter we read a book and then did the village activity. we played tug of war and it was the funniest thing I have ever seen, kids were being dragged around the school and they were banging their heads against each other and face planting onto the floor but they would get up laughing and smiling. When we left after the village activity we went to houses throughout the villages and got to sit down and meet some of the villages. It was really neat to see what they ate and to try some of it, my favorite was puffed rice because it reminds me of popcorn back home. I've never had chai tea before and when it was offered It looked like hot cocoa, but if definitely did not taste like it, so I took small sips because it was hot and I didn't like it. I also did not like it because I poured some down my leg on accident and it burned my leg and I screamed and then everyone was laughing at me and the villagers said "do not laugh, friend is burned" and then they brought me a burn cream and told me to put it on my leg, but I really was fine. Then we went to the boarding school and I met all the little girls and they were screaming and waving and saying hi to all of the YMAD teens and it was so fun spending the rest of the day with them. Overall my day was amazing after I came out of my shell and got to know the children.