Doc is in…… 100 Rupees - Jake Murrill

Doc is in…… 100 Rupees


First, I would like to let you all know your teens are all doing extremely well!  Travel is not easy, especially at this distance.  This group did incredibly well; flights were uneventful, no one complained about anything, and no one was noticeably carsick on the road to Chamba.  Having been through this before, I can tell you this is significant!  I am happy to report everyone is healthy and doing well.


I’ve spent the past two days doing medical checks on the students in Eric’s and Zippy’s schools (Dani, Wilson, Jack, Kira, Leah, Brooke and Jake, Jono, Farah, Emily, Camryn, Gracie Mae).  While conducting the medical exams, I have the privilege of being an outside observer to the interactions between your teens and their students.  Please know how impressed I am at the efforts being put forth by your teens to make a difference here; they are doing great!  Facing challenges with confidence, making plans and acting on them, adapting as they go; you should all be so proud of these amazing young adults you have raised.  I’m grateful to be sharing these experiences with them.