And I think to Myself, Its A Wonderful Place!

Happy Thanksgiving!! I just wanted to say how grateful I am that I get to be here and how grateful I am for all the people that helped me get to this wonderful place. I don't think I've ever love someone so much like theses little girls and boys. They have the cutest personality that is just filled with love. My heart melts every time they say my name. I'm very sad that we are already on Thursday and we only have today and tomorrow to teach. But on Saturday on Sunday we get to play with them. Everyday we leave and walk the girls out to the bus and we say "Goodbye! See you tomorrow!" And they always make us promise that we will be back. It is going to break my heart on Monday. Okay that's all for now
Things I'm grateful for
-my bed
-my friends
-my beautiful family

xoxo Abbey