The Final Ely - Emma Ely

The final Ely

Soooo 10 years later and here I am. The last Ely to go to India! All I'm going to say is that it has perfectly lived up to all the high expectations I had. We started off with the dreaded traveling and I'm going to be honest, it was pretty awesome. I certainly don't live for plane rides but I slept probably 15 hours on the course of 3 planes and it was niiice. I legitimately didn't want to get off. We walked outside of the Amritsar airport and people were staring at us like zoo animals. We drove to the the golden temple and I was feeling pretty great. It was quiet and so peaceful and i didn't know what all the fuss was about the driving in India. I was so naive. The golden temple was so so so cool. Everyone there was so calm and spiritual. The cool thing about India is that almost everyone is Hindu but I have never felt so personally spiritual being surrounded by so many cool people. Then we started our drive to our hotel and it was so amazing. poor abbey threw up bless her heart I wanted to comfort her but I felt so bad because I didn't want to throw up too. We finally got to the hotel and didn't get a break. We went to the YMAD girls house and they are to die for. Mom and Dad, congratulations. Almost everyone you adore back here in India is asking about you constantly. Raj knew who I was because I look just like you dad. Rupalee came up to me and said "Rachael!! Rachael!!". I have the same translator as you mom and she keeps asking about you. You guys are pretty dang loved. Everyone was falling asleep later that night.literally Kira almost fell in her food it was so funny. Of course I wasn't tired because I slept like a baby earlier. Then on Monday we met the kids. The drive to our school is probably the sketchiest thing on this planet. I now know what the fuss is about!! The driving here is INSANE. Our driver has to reverse to take this crazy turn to our school and it's hard to explain but basically my life flashes before my eyes every time we go. It's so cool. I cant figure out if it's luck or skill that we haven't straight up died. The kids here have pure hearts of gold. Right as we came into the school they put little dots on our foreheads and threw flowers on us. I've known them for 3 days and I love them with all of my heart. They always say "emma emma!! And didi!" (Which means sister). Everytime I pull out my camera they come running over and take it out of my hands. They all know how to work it. I adore them so much and I am so stoked that I have more time with them. I was worried that they would be nervous to be close with us but they jump all over me and I've showed them the classic peace sign and tongue out in every picture. (I know how much you love that mom and kate). Naveed is the sweetest boy. He hates the camera but I force him to take pictures because his face is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'll say something and he just imitates me. And he'll snap his fingers at me too. He's literally a mini me like his sass is prime. Seriously these kids are so precious. You here about humanitarian trips all the time but you can't quite understand it until you go and you hold these kids in your arms and see their smiles. I feel so happy all the time. Except for all the spiders I've been seeing. Honestly mom i dont know if I can do BYU HAWAII like these spiders are so spooky. Luckily there's only been one in our room because I drenched it with peppermint oil. Leah acts all mad but she loves me. Indian culture is the most amazing thing in this world. I can't still grasp everything around me. I feel like I'm in a movie. And I've literally heard about India SO MUCH but now that I'm here it's exquisite. The colors and people and driving. Everything is so amazing. It's so fun but so humble and peaceful. Everyone here has grown up like this and their culture is so fascinating. I also feel so grateful for everything back home. I take so much for granted. I never want to leave at the same time!!!! I am so exhausted every day and I want to roll over and die but it's worth it because these kids are worth every single bit of energy in my body.

Mom and Dad and sibs- I miss you all so much. Jacob and Joseph I hope you are not getting frazzles without me. Mom I just have one request...please clean my room!!!???

 Kate- I forgot which it was but not yet. Hopefully though. I miss you so much. I hope you are partying it up back home.

Emily and abby- I doubt you guys are reading this but if you are-- you are doing YMAD. It is the most rewarding experience I've ever had. 

Love you all!!!