Sidhpura - Eric Martinez



Today culminated out third day at our charming and beautiful school Sidhpura and the last two days were just simply awesome. I am sure by now a lot of you who are reading this know why we are here and what is our purpose in the schools but I just want to tell you a little about our school and our awesome team.


Our team consist of six of the most wonderful teens I have had ever came across. Kira , Leah, Brooke, Dani, Wilson and the one and only Jack. We were assigned a school that is made up of 36 of the most wonderful, adorable, and happy little souls. Since out time of arrival at the school, I have come to know a little more about the school and who is running it. The school only has two teachers Savitri Kumary and Vinod Kumary and let me tell you what a privilege it is to know these two wonderful women. They have so many characteristics similar to all the women that have made an impact in my life. They do the best they can with the little they have to teach the kids.


Everyday we come to school the kids great us with a smile beyond description. Something that you have to be there and experienced to fully understand. Every morning the kids make 3 lines… smallest to tallest and pray a loud for about 30 minutes before they teens start to teach. I am getting a bit teary at the moment because I have never heard such a wonderful sound in my life and I am sure I never will.



I am so impressed with the teens in my group. They just love the kids. It so wonderful to see them teach with such passion.  Kira is so good with the kids, our team has noted that she is so good with learning their names. Brooke has been able to bring out the silliness out of the kids. Leah is always smiling and is so patient with them. Dani just wants to take the kids home. The principal told me that Jack and Wilson are so nice to the kids and that they are going to be good parents one day.


To my family thank you so much for your support I love you all. And if you are driving by my house and smell something funny please let Rachael know to feed the dog.