Shindia - Wilson McConkie

Hello! I’m going to give a quick summary of whats happened over the last few days!

After 42 hours of Travel we finally arrived in India and it is stunning. We arrived in Amritsar on Sunday I think at 2 AM and went from there to the famous Golden Temple. It was one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been. We turned lots of heads walking around in our bright purple hoodies haha it was so much fun. The drive to Chamba was pretty exciting/terrifying. It’s a beautiful place. We went to visit the YMAD house and played games with the girls there and talked with them so they could practice their english. My room somewhat resembles an insane asylum haha it’s awesome. 

The kids are amazing! We have 36 adorable little kids in this charming yellow school just off of the major river that goes through the city. I taught the kids today about body parts and they catch on so fast! When we left today they all stood by the gate yelling “goodbye sir! goodbye ma’am!” and gave us high fives. They’re so fun. After that we went into the city and walked around for a while to a shop where we could get our indian outfits. Eric and I kinda lucked out and got an extra hour or two of walking around the city with Raj because we had to go to the tailor to get our outfits custom made haha. 

Day 2 at the school I was the group leader and so that means I was in charge of getting the day going, staying on top of rotations, taking photos, and helping Jake(medic guy) with his medical exams of the kids. One of the highlights of the trips so far was playing with the big colorful parachute we brought. We would start on the ground, lift it high up in the air and all the kids would run underneath laughing and jumping. Jack V and I went in with them and danced around. If somebody ever tells me to go to a happy place or think of a happy thought, playing with those kids under the parachute is number one on my list. Best day of school I’ve ever had haha. After that we went to the YMAD house and read books and danced with the girls there. They’re so smart! Chamba is beautiful and the people here are amazing.

Today was another 10 outta 10 day. We were greeted by many high fives and smiling faces saying “Good morning sir! Good morning Ma’am!”.  I taught the kiddos about eating healthy. and we played a bunch of fun matching games, read books, and other activities. They’ve become super comfortable around us and call me “Wilsan Sir!” It’s my favorite thing ever. I love how fulfilling each day feels here. I love my leaders and my group. Allison and Brooke are miracle workers, Eric (my village leader) is so funny and compassionate, My village team (brooke Moseley, Jack Vincent, Kira Davis, Leah Robinson, Dani Krebs) are so much fun and we’ve become like best friends. 

To Mom and Dad: Thank you for the amazing amount of support you guys gave me as I prepped for this trip. I realized on the plane that I didn’t write you guys a thank you note which is absolutely preposterous because I am beyond grateful for the amount of help you guys gave me to get here. So thank you :). I love you guys! 

To H and G: I expect a full update on all the NBA games I’ve missed when I get back you two!! And lots of other fun stories of what you’ve been up to :). 

Photos below! I’ll blog again in a few days!!