PLEASE - Braden Hudspeth



Surprisingly enough I survived all the travel to Chamba, although I didn’t sleep at all. Sunday night I was super tired and could barely keep my eyes open, and couldn’t see straight. To say the least I slept super good that night, even though I miss my nice soft bed.

         Monday was a good day and our first day in the schools. I didn’t teach because I was the group leader. It was super nice because I got to see how the groups acted and their personalities, so I knew what to expect. The kids were extremely shy at first but warmed up to us super quick. Tuesday morning, Jack found a large spider in our bathroom, and lets just say that it wasn’t small. Tuesday was my first day of teaching and it was super fun but very tiring. I feel like the kids are teaching me way more than I could ever teach them, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

         Driving laws are non-existent here which makes things quite fun. I like to think of it as a roller coaster. The people that do drive are super good at what they do. Everyone says its so scary but I don’t think its scary. This morning, we saw a motorcycle tip over with a guy and three kids on our way to school. That was the first crash we saw, and it was pretty funny to me. I think it would be a riot to drive here, maybe someday. India also has some of the most beautiful scenery, with some super cool architecture and statues. My favorite part of being here is seeing that India really is not that much different than America. Also the fog here is super cool, I sort of wish we had morning fog in Utah.


Life is good,