Greeting From the Other Side of the Earth - Sam Graff

They say you love those who you serve so of corse I love it here along with the people. I talked to a few people about this before I left but I have been serving these beautiful children of Chamba for a year now and for most of them time i hadn’t even met them. Now that have met them i love them so much more and still have a whole to be with them until i have to leave. talking to Natalie today we both expressed that we are starting to feel at home here,  our home on the other side of the planet. i am enjoying myself here very much and so no need to worry about me (those of you who that are). so the highlights of the trip so far have been the Golden Temple, meeting and hanging out with the YMAD girls, meeting and teaching the adorable children of the schools, the hotel on fire and making the power go out, the 10 seconds of warmth from the bucket showers, and the food. We have a wonderful chef that is such a cool quiet dude that make all of our meals and has yet to put food in front of me that i haven’t quickly eaten, and gone for seconds. Today was our third day at the schools and I was team leader today. It was fun stepping back from the lessons and teaching to see that the kids were growing and learning just after a lesson. Natalie and I talked a lot, while we weren’t occupied, just about anything. I am so grateful for her and all that she is doing with Allison and Brooke and all the other village leaders to make this such a memorable experience. After all the lessons where taught we had the group activity which was tug of war. We tried to even up the teams as best we could so we put the whole school (about 35 kids) on one side and me and Henry on the other. They put up a good fight for a minute or two then we let them win. After that ended, we went to the YMAD house. Our driver is yet another quiet cool dude and has a cool car and one time got a call from “my wife” which we all thought was a funny way to put her as his contact. At the YMAD house we read a book with all the girls and then spit up and played games with them individuality. They are all way smart and the girl I played Scrabble with beat me, beginners luck though… After doing our dance and saying our goodbyes we went back to our hotel, interesting place it is. Yesterday we brought a ton of wood up to the 4th floor and is for the fire for the rest of the time. Also the water comes out of the faucet cold and so we put a thing in the water to heat up the bucket shower and also after the electric fire the power went our until well after dinner. I am not complaining at all, i rather enjoy it all because it adds to the experience and makes for great stories to come, it is just very different form a hotel in america. The hotel has an amazing view up and down the valley, river, and mountains. There are alarms that sound in the morning, that i have yet to hear because i sleep through them, but they announce that the dam further up is letting go of some water and to watch our for it. So the river often fluctuates by serval feet through out the day of the most beautiful of blue water that looks just like that water at Havisupi (half a soup pie). Every night we have a fire where we share laughs and grow closer with these people i am traveling the world with. With thanksgiving coming up I have found myself thinking here and there about all of the things i have at home (the one in Utah) that i don’t even realize i have. At night we an see our breaths in our hotel room and the school i am at doesn’t have a blade of grass to play on. honestly the whole school could fit into the gym at home. But i have been grateful a lot here. Grateful for all at the little things that i don’t necessarily really miss of wish i had, but of the things ill be happy to see again when i get back. Grateful even of the opportunity i have to come here. I love and miss you all so much and wish you all a happy thanksgiving and ask you all to stop and think about everything you should show thanks to. I know, pretty basic thing to say about it, but ya. anyway love you all!


P.S. mom can you copy and send this to Toria please?