CHAMBA TOWN - Zippy Ford




It has been three wonderful days of watching my tam teach. Camryn, Jono, Farah, Gracie Mae, Emily, and Jake. They are absolutely amazing! Parents  you have done an INCREDIBLE job raising your kids and I am grateful that I have been able to spend the past year with your kids and see how they have changed throughout this experience. Our red team is the best! ( something we say everyday). Your teens are SO kind. They help each other out and truly want to lift each other up. I am so so very proud and lucky to be a part of this group.


 Everyone has had the chance to teach this week. Each day one teen sits out of teaching to help facilitate, take pictures, and teach a song. The students in our school, which is called Dulla, were only shy for about a minute. They warm up SOOO quick. Now they are absolutely wild and hold nothing back when it comes to showing the teens affection. Despite the lack of attention that sometimes occurs while teaching the YMAD teens have showed patience and compassion.


Now I want to tell you about each member of my team.


Gracie Mae was the team lead on the first day of teaching and she embraced the opportunity to walk around and help any team mates that needed it. The next school day came around and it was Gracie’s turn to teach and she has so much enthusiasm  she had the little kids listening intently as she read her book and went through the vocabulary. Tuesday was an amazing day in our school and Gracie help her own and because Gracie knew her lesson she was able to mix u the games and think on the spot. Gracie brings so much energy and laughter to our group. Her smile is contagious and as her leader I appreciate her happiness and positivity.


Jake is awesome with the kids he has the little boys and girls crawling all over him. He is always super organized with his lesson and keeps the students focused and participating in whatever activity he had going on. Jake has this ability to tell when someone is having a hard time and he is very aware of the general feelings of the group. It is so nice having his calm and positive attitude around. Jake took his turn as the team lead on Tuesday and he stepped in wherever he was needed including helping Emily get her supplies cut out for her craft before each lesson .


Farah is incredibly helpful. She always asks what she can do to help and follows through. Today, which is Wednesday, she was team lead and our medic Jake came to do medical exams. Farah helped him by organizing the students and measuring their height. One girl had an ant in her ear and Farah held her hand and rubbed her back while Jake the Medic tried to remove it. Farah is also an awesome teacher, she has the loving every minute she is teaching them and can always get them to be present during her lesson.


Camryn is called Camera by the school children and they love when she picks them up and spins them around. She taught feelings and emotions today and had the kids excited to make faces and look in the small mirror. The kids have been pretty wild and they have so much energy and Camryn is really good about noticing when an activity isn’t working and trying to come up with a solution.  She brings such a thoughtful attitude and embodies our value of vision when she teaches.


Emily is the favorite to tickle by the school children. The book she reads with her lesson is Chika Chika Boom Boom and after she had read the book to them they chased her around tickling her and yelling Chika Chika Boom Boom. She stays on track during her lessons and keeps the kids engaged and happy. Emily brings such and honest and fresh attitude to our team  which is very much appreciated.


Last but not least is Jono. He is the school jungle gym.  The kids jump on him , grab his legs, pinch his cheeks, basically anything they can do to touch him . He is so animated with them when he reads his book the kids all follow along and copy the actions that Jono does while reading. He taught Sports and Hobbies today and the kids could not get enough of the races. They all yell John Sir! He tries his best to keep the kids focused, but all they want to do is play with him.


Overall these past three days in the school have been so fun and happy. The YMAD teens light up when they walk up the small path to our school. I have not heard a single complaint from my team, they take every situation and make it positive. This makes my job as their adult leader so much easier.


It has been 6 years since I was last in India and it so much better than I remember. Everything about it is magical. The colors of the buildings the people and especially the school children. Coming back to Chamba has been a dream come true and made much better because of your children so thank you for sharing them with YMAD and with me!!


To my family, mom and I are living it up here in India but we love and miss you!!