A Whole New World - Madisen Andersen

Title: A whole new world

Hey everyone, I’m having such a fabulous time hear in the great country of India! I love it here and I think that even though the culture is every different then being in the U.S.A. there are many things that I have come to love over the passed few days.  First I will talk about the school that I am teaching about. So the school is called Ludrera primary school. In India the school system is a little bit different than in the U.S. so they have kids there from first grade up to fourth grade, instead of kindergarten to sixth grade. There are also only about 32 kids in the entire school so its very small compared to back home.  So the school that I’m at takes about 15 min to drive to from the hotel we are staying at. In the morning the school starts at 9:00 am, and they have a prayer before they teach class, it consists of the Indian pledge of allegiance, the school song, and a meditation and singing segment.  Then us Ymad kids start to teach at 9:45. We have about five rotations in the day so there are three in the morning and two in the afternoon. And each rotation lasts for 45 min or so and then in between we have a 10 min break for the kids to play games and have fun with us. They have lunch at 12:00 and it classes would start again at 1:00. Those little kids are so so sweet and kind. It didn’t take them very long to warm up to us and start being more comfortable, talking, and playing more with all of the Ymad kids.

Something that I’m trying my very best to get used to is the driving hear in India. So I have a picture that I will add of the car that we drive to get around town and to and from school. So yes mom it’s literally an suv/jeep. So this is what we drove to chamba in after we got out of the Amritsar airport. So all I can say is that compared to Indian drivers and rules of the road, Utah drivers are “so safe Grandmas going 10mph in an 80mph road”. So if you get what I mean….. The roads are very very very narrow so only two cars can fit at a time. But there are so much more that goes on while driving in India, You’ve got tons of cars like the one in the picture parking in the side of the street or people walking in the middle of the road and big huge dirt dump trucks blocking the way. I don’t really know if I have seen one single speed limit sign so far on this entire trip. So driving in India is much different than the roads in the U.S.

Also Speaking of cars I have a story for y’all. So I think that it was our second day in the schools and we were getting in the car to leave the school. So there were many local people around standing by our car watching the team that I’m in which is the green team. And I was sitting in one of the very back seats of the car and all of a sudden a GIANT spider crawls out from under me and crawls onto the window right next to me. So if you have ever had to share a house/room with me or gone camping with me, you know that I hate spiders. Like with a strong disliking passion and this spider was huge, I mean we are talking like the size of a half dollar probably and that was the size of the body so its legs extended farther out. Oh my Goodness it was the biggest most hairy spider I have seen in my entire life!!!!! And so of course all of the people standing outside my window saw me freaking out over this spider and they all started laughing because of my reaction to it. Haha so finally the driver opened the widow and killed that little sucker and I was very grateful for the driver that day.

Ok that’s all of the time that I have now to talk to all of you. Hope you have a great time back in good ole’ Utah. Love you all and miss you so much each day.

-Madisen Andersen