A Starry Night in Happyland - Jono Ebert

India Round Two Babay! Holy can’t believe that this trip is already happening! This one year has completely flown by and now i’m having serious deja vu thinking about the group that I was with whenever i’m at a certain place in India. The expedition started out with a pretty uncomfortable flight. My fault though thinking I could pull an all nighter before I left and sleep during the flights and travel haha. Glad I was able to catch up on the movies i’ve missed and listen to some good american music before I was fully emerged into the India lifestyle haha. Once we arrived we first went to the Golden Temple. I was more than a little concerned about the cut on my foot being exposed to any diseases while I walked barefoot on ground which millions of indians have walked barefoot on as well. My boy Jake Murril (The miracle worker of the group) hooked me up with some blister cream which supposedly killed any unwanted bacteria (praying it did). We then traveled onto Chamba and were able to finally relax after the long travel. 

    The hotel we are at is similar to last years and comes with the full India package. Abnormally large spiders, small fires caused by blown circuits and the ice cold showers. Gotta love India! Anyways I share a room with Sam and Dallin and have a nice cuddle time at night. I low-key believe that a couple spiders have probably crawled on me while I sleep. The fires at night are my favorite because of the opportunity to chill and talk with everyone in the group. The YMAD girls house is also one of my favorite things we do on this trip. When we first arrived at the girls house, I was greeted with the best hugs which I’m going to be completely honest, I thought weren’t going to happen and I would’ve been forgotten from last year haha, definitely a sweet surprise! I love those girls!

    The teaching in India is definitely different from last year but I love it just as much. I've gotten especially close with this one boy named Anuj as well as three sisters who always give me multiple hugs and requests to be thrown in the air throughout the day. As the days have gone on, the kids have continuously gotten so much more crazy but closer with us. It's unreal to me that these kids can fall in love with us and we can fall in love with them so fast! This is one of the many reasons why I decided to come back! I can’t wait for the coming days! The kids are awesome and im lovin it!  Im sitting by the fire with Emma.

Written with unconditional love, Jono ;)