A Full Heart

Cooper Peterson

Is anyone still out there? I feel like I'm in a dream and I can't get out of it. You know, the kind of dream where you wake up and wish you could just go back to sleep for just a minute longer. I can't express the overwhelming emotions this trip is filling my heart with, I truly want to but I can't. This place is just a whole different world that I can't explain in any amount of words, from the people and the culture, to the environment and the people's living, I am immensely grateful for what I have at home... Home, what a comforting word, it sounds weird but this place has began to feel like home. It feels like I've been here my whole life, not just a few days. Everyday we wake up and head off on a journey to our villages, mine being Manik Jore. There we do fun activities with the village kids like singing songs and dancing around. We also do our village tours, these wonderful families welcome my team into their homes, most often made of dirt, with so much love and acceptance. They sacrifice so much, preparing us meals and buying us flowers, and even doing their beautiful traditions. A lot of the women start crying as they speak because of the honor it is to them for us to be in their home, which fills my heart with just too much love. I've never been loved so much by a person who has no idea who I am, I'm just some random white teenager walking into their homes, but to them I'm so much more than that. To make these people this happy for just walking into their village gives me so much to rethink in life... I'm just so truly filled with love right now and I can't wait to talk to everyone of you about it when I get home. So yes Mom and Dad, I am alive and well. I promise I'm coming home soon and I can't wait to see you... But for now let's see what else this trip has to offer me.