Utah Mountains are Whimpy - Grace Mae Smith

When we first arrived in India I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what time it was, what day it was, or possibly what year it is I was that confused. Traveling to another country was everything I did not expect/prepare for. I definitely was not prepared for the fact that time and days don’t really exist when you flying. The days just blur together. After flying for a total of 20 hours I learned two things about myself. 1. I can sit in a position for a total of 3 minutes before a part of my body so really I have the body of a 80 year old woman. 2. Tylenol pm is not very effective for me so when I got to India I was running on a total of around 5 hours of sleep over the course of 3 days (I think).


After arriving in India we began our voyage to the Golden Temple. I thought I  would have a small idea on what the driving is like here because my dad can get a little bit crazy when he has some road rage but I did not. I did not have a small idea. The best way to describe it is the India jones ride plus honking every other second, plus passing cars on either side no matter the traffic. But the fears of driving were irrelevant when we reached the Golden Temple. After taking my shoes off of very swollen feet we walked in through some shallow water and into the Temple grounds. The temple itself what breathtaking and magnificent but what really fascinated me was the way the people were worshipping the Temple. It was complex and intriguing and really beautiful. It was like nothing I have ever seen.


Another time I realized that Tylenol pm is not effective on me is during the car ride into Chamba. Because it really is easy to compare the car ride to a roller coaster, the car ride into Chamba was almost exactly like goofys fly school. The only difference between the two was on goofys fly school you’re sure you won’t fly off the edge when you turn but on the roads in Chamba you are about 15% sure you won’t fly off the edge. The driver, leader, and me were the only ones awake during the car ride but honestly I’m glad I couldn’t fall asleep. The only way to describe the mountains here is that they make Utah mountains look so incredibly wimpy. At night, the houses on top of the mountains look like stars. I’m so glad that we are in the mountains so that we are in clean air. Chamba is such a beautiful country and everything about it is so unique.


I always thought that I was the tough one in my family. Living in the same room as Dorothy for 17 plus years must’ve added to that thought. I am usually the one to kill the spiders in our room but now I am the one who screams at the top of their lungs (honestly sounds like the scream they would use for a horror movie). I feel so bad for my roommates because I wake them up in the middle of the night (because I’m seriously hydrating all day which is not a bad thing by the way) and I am seriously such a wimp about the cold show buckets. Dad I know you raised me better than this so the only possible explanation is we need to travel to different countries more.


I know that ever village team says this but my kids are truly the cutest. I wish I could take them all home with me because knowing how generous and loving my mom is, she would find a way to keep and raise all of them. The first day the children were so shy and timid but the second day was honestly like 27 5 year old Georges high on cocaine. They were sooo crazy but still so adorable. In the end it doesn’t matter how insane they are because they are still eager to learn and also quick learners. Being here reminds me how blessed I am (typical line I know). Next time I want to complain about a cold car I’m the morning or having to get out of bed to turn off the light, I am going to think twice. Mom, dad, James, Dorothy, Jed, George, grandpa Steve, mama sue, meme, and all my friends I miss you so much! Next time I travel I’m taking you all  with me. I love India so much and can’t wait to tell you more!

P.S. mom you were right (as always) about the neck pillow that would’ve been a good investment

P.P.S. Dad could you please send in my transcripts to the u before December 1st please?? Don’t forget about the transcripts from slcc. Love you so much and I know you miss me.