Up in the Himalayas - Farah Hamouda

Up in the himmalayas


I’m in India! After three long flights and an eight our car ride Operation DaBangg made it to Chamba! I don’t remember much of the plane ride thanks to Dramamine and the beginning of the car ride is kind of a blur. When we first arrived and got out of the airport music was playing in the streets, at three o’clock in the morning! We then got into cars that had the driver’s seat on the right side instead of the left! We drove to the Golden Temple and it was a surprise to me that so many people were out and about. Back at home I would have been sound asleep at four in the morning but here that’s not the case. The temple was packed! People here don’t seem to be getting much sleep at night. After the temple we started our very long drive to Chamba. I woke up four hours into the drive to find cows, monkeys, and dogs roaming the streets. Chamba is a jungle! It is so surreal. I woke up to our driver honking. He was honking every five seconds; it took me a second to realize that people here honk instead of using blinkers. The drive up the Himalayas was absolutely breathtaking. The mountains back home are nothing compared to the ones they have here.

We made it to the hotel that afternoon and settled in. That night the girls found three spiders in their rooms. They were honestly the size of a tarantula. I was joking to my roomates how we haven’t found one yet and sure enough as soon as I looked up there was one there. All the girls crowded into our room to watch Gracie Mae kill the spider. She eventually got it when she threw a shoe at it but instead of sticking to the shoe, it landed on our bed. We all ran out of the room screaming! Eventually, one of the girls grabbed it and threw it in the trash but there were still remains of the spider in our bed. That night I’m sure we slept on spider legs.

         Yesterday we had our first teaching day. When we arrived at the school the kids were saying a prayer. A little boy in a greed sweater was leading the class. Afterwards we divided the kids into groups and began teaching. I taught kids about body parts and I had a little help from Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. They were a huge hit! The kids took their glasses and tried them on. It was the cutest thing! Before lunch we played ‘Tug-o-war’ and the girls beat the boys! After that we played ‘Ride that Pony’.  A lot of the younger kids were really shy and they were trying so hard to shake their hips. They ended up doing this little head shake and leg wiggle. When we were eating lunch we could hear them playing the game. It was a huge hit! After teaching we went to downtown Chamba to search for some fabric. There was so many to choose from! It was so overwhelming! The people of Chamba are to humble and kind. They make you feel so appreciated and welcomed and that is something that I know I will miss.

         Today we went back at the schools to teach some more. I taught the kids about eating healthy. Someone in my group was reading Chika Chika Boom Boom and the kids loved it! Before lunch they tackled us and tickled us until Camryn was pinned to the ground underneath a crowd of kids. I can’t wait to see them again tomorrow!