Not Coming Home Sorry Sorry - Lizzy Hale


Not coming home (sorry not sorry)

I love Chamba. I never want to leave. It is gorgeous here. The Himalayas are beautiful. There is a misty fog everywhere that covers the mountains, and lush trees everywhere. We are staying right next to an amazing river. There are animals everywhere. Monkeys, cows, sheep, goats, you name it fill the streets. Cars have to honk to get the cows out of the way, and while teaching, monkeys would run past you with their babies all the time. It was crazy.

 I am so in love with the kids at school. They are always happy and always excited to see you. I have never seen or met such adorable kids. They love life and it makes me love life so much more. Teaching them was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Some of the kids already know some Basic English, which is really nice. Also our translator Sangita, helps so much. The kids are so interested in the lesson and excited to learn, sometimes a little too excited but excited nonetheless. I don’t know how I will leave them. Also the YMAD girls are just as amazing. I love having conversations with them and playing games. They are a dream. I love them so much.

          The place we are staying is not too shabby. We have nice beds and western toilets and showers, which is amazing. There was a little fire while I was typing this blog but it made me warmer, and it was a good story to tell so honestly that was a plus. I love the food here, the people, the scenery, and everything. Sorry parents I am not coming home.

P.S mom I am not starving, and P.P.S Family please do not forget to feed my fish tofu.