India is the craziest thing! - Henry Siddoway

India has been one of the craziest things ever! When we drove to Chamba from Amritsar we saw wild dogs, burning trash, and lots more. But I was able to look past all of it and see the people. India has some of nicest friendliest people I’ve ever met! The cooks, drivers, YMAD people have been so kind, outgoing, and friendly. Me and a friend Sophie love to greet the passing people outside the hotel. 

But my favorite people here are of course the kids! They have been so amazing, positive, sweet, happy, and loving. They love to be picked up and thrown in the air. They run to us all and give us hugs and ask to play games. They are so happy and make me so happy. They can be wild at times but are very well behaved and make everything so fun. I was so surprised to see how smart these kids were. They learned the lessons so quickly and catch on to just about anything. Their english is very good and they continue to learn more. They have the cutest smiles and make everyday the best day. 

    This town is so crazy. It is so cool to drive every morning and look at the huge mountains and the colorful buildings. The driver goes so fast and I swear is an inch or less to the motorcyclists full of people. The shops are so cool and the indian people love to sit out there and they are always smiling when we come by. The view from our hotel is so cool. The river flows right through the mountain and the houses are scattered up the mountain. The hotel is for sure a 5 star! The bucket showers are delightful. The beds have a nice stiffness that really makes your back sing. JK the hotel is fun and makes the trip more memorable. I really love this town and the smiling people we see daily.