Hey everyone! Dalligator here! Holy crap guys, this trip has been incredible and we’re only a few days in. The plane rides were pretty long, but pretty enjoyable actually. Lots of good nap/music/movie time haha. Also when we arrived in Amritsar, our drivers were/are NUTS. They’d be pulled over immediately if this was America haha. But it’s okay, it makes the drives much more… engaging:)

It’s so cool to be here. I feel like I want to take pictures of everything because this whole country is so photogenic. The mountains are so tall and this whole town is just right in them, with a beautiful view of the river and the buildings all the way up the mountains. It’s all just so pretty.

The kids at the school are ADORABLE. I can’t even contain how much I love them. They have so little, the school is so small and ugly but the kids’ faces just light up whenever we’re with them. The Indian teachers there said it makes them so happy to see the kids this happy. The teaching has come much more naturally and easily than expected. The kids are so easy to teach (most of the time) and I’ve become instant buddies with all of them. Today I almost sprained my neck from so many little boys hanging on my back, shoulders, and neck. I already miss them for when we have to leave;(. They’re so sweet and selfless and I’m learning so much kindness and humility from being around and with them. (Also, they freaking LOVE Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. I read it to each of the groups, and whenever I say it, the whole school echoes with “CHICKA CHICKA BOOM BOOM!!!” It’s so cute and awesome and is probably so distracting. (Sorry team.))

To the fam: Hey! I miss you guys, I hope you’re getting along fine without me haha! See ya in no time!