Happy Katie

Wow! Where do I begin! I guess I'll start by saying hi to my Mom who is checking this everyday just to see if I have survived! But not only am I surviving but I am having the experience of a lifetime! Our second day teaching at the villages was today and it was amazing! My team opened a new village called Manikjore it was so special to enter this village as the first YMAD team there ever. The people there didn't know what to expect and were kind of shy at first but today we were able to connect a lot easier and on a more personal level. Right as we walked in kids from all over ran up and gave us bouquets of flowers and plants, some were even in little pots the kids made! The village tours were also really cool today, I swear the whole entire village followed us to each house we visited! Something else unique we got to do today was play and take care of the kids in the special needs school put together by Nishtha instead of going to the day boarding school. I honestly couldn't be more grateful to have been with these kids today. It was such a heart humbling experience, from dancing with them to just comforting them and holding their hands it was something I will never forget. By the end of our time with these kids I had to hold back my tears because they have seriously changed my life and the way I look at the hardships these people go through. I'm so grateful for this life changing opportunity and can't wait for the days to come! See you soon family:)