Happies and Crappys - Natalie Moyle





Greetings from India! This is Natalie, I am the GREEN team leader.  We are working at the Primary school in Ludrera. The GREEN team members are Madisen, Lizzy H., Henry, Sophie, Sam and Francesca. We  have been teaching in the schools for two days now and things are going very well!!! Your kids are amazing! They are giving 100% of their energy to teaching these children. At the end of each day, as we are driving back to our hostel, each team member foes over their Happies and their Crappies for the day. Without fail, your kids happiest moments are with the children. Today Sam’s happiest moment was the dancing that we did at the end of the day. Madisen stated, that her happiest moment today was upon our arrival at school and all the kids were so excited to see us. Henry said that he enjoyed how loving the kids are and Sophie felt happy that she wasn’t as nervous today and felt really good about the lessons she taught. Francesca was very happy that she was able to adapt her lesson the needs of the children. Lizzy H. was the team leader today and felt really happy about the ability to help organize and keep the day running smoothly. As for me, my happiest moment was seeing your kids take charge and show up as incredible leaders; I especially enjoyed seeing the teachers at the end of the day join in the dance party and the game at the end of the day. Your kids are doing amazing things here!

Our next adventure has to do with a service project for the children at Ludrera School. I will keep you posted. Oh, and I guess you are wondering what everyone had to say about their “Crappies” for the day . . . well lets just say , t is still early in the trip and their systems are getting used to the food. P.S.  We do have some clogged toilets.